Structure And Analysis Of Air Valves

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   There is many type of Air Valves created by many mold parts supplier in this world. Here we list some popular product and analysis they struture.
   As you can see, some Air Valves are designed with Anti Rotation Pin. Help Air Poppet Valves to better used in curved thin wall mold is the main working of Anti Rotation Pin. Anti Rotation Pin have no relationship with durability.
   However, the biggest problem of all Air Valve is not durable. The basic reason is that the pressure bearing and abrasion resistance of Air Valve is not good enough, which leads to the serious wear of the cone, so that the rubber can be injected, and then the problem of jamming occurs.
   Injection machine will have huge inject pressure to mold surface during injection,  Air Valve are included.  Most of the Air Valve taking pressure by cone or cone and bottom. This way will cause obvious abrasion of the cone surface.
   After abrasion,clearance will appeared between cone surface and shell . When plastic material injected again, a small amount of raw materials run into the inner core. Several times, the inner core will be stuck, the Air Valve can't return, can't be ejected, the inner core will break and other problems will appear.
   In addition, The abrasion of cone also impacted by the guiding function of Air Valve. If Air Valve have no guiding,inner core may be inclined when the air enters and ejects. The force of the cone's surface will increase and abrasion speed will be faster.
   With a lot of service experience for thin wall mold manufacturer, we innovated unique Air Valve QII
   The special structure designed to bear the pressure by cone and gasket. It greatly improves the ability to bear inject pressure and the abrasion of cone surface will be reduced very much.
   According to the feedback from customers, the service life is at least twice times higher than other Air Valves. Effectively reduce the frequency of customer maintenance mold, greatly reduce customer downtime.

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